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WhiteHat Aviator Beta for Windows

Since launching the Mac version of WhiteHat Aviator in October, the number one most-asked-for feature was a Windows version of the browser. Today we hit a major milestone: our Labs team is excited to announce that we are launching the Windows beta. If you want to try it, please download Aviator for Windows here.

Outside of keeping our blog and Twitter followers up-to-date since it’s release in October, we have done little-to-nothing to get attention for Aviator. There has been no marketing or sales resources invested in Aviator. Despite this, we’ve gotten tens of thousands of downloads with our Mac OSX version, and that number has been growing rapidly as the world takes notice.

Now the obvious next question everyone will ask is: “when do I get a version for XYZ operating system?” While we know this is highly important to a lot of our users, we have to balance that with a number of other features — which leads us to perhaps the second most-asked question: “how are you making money on Aviator?” The answer is, right now we aren’t. Therefore, some of our efforts will also be directed towards determining how to sell this in a way that does not involve profiting from our users’ information as many other browsers are in the unfortunate business of doing. As the saying goes, “if you aren’t paying for it, you’re the product.”

That said, we want to make sure that all of our existing users of WhiteHat Aviator know that they will continue to get the browser for free, forever. That’s right! Once we have determined how to monetize it, only new users will need to pay for a license. So, by all means encourage your friends to download it now, so they can enjoy Aviator for free, forever. This is our small way of thanking early Aviator adopters: if you’re one of them, you will never have to pay. A safer browser with free lifetime technical support? It’s unheard of, I know!

Don’t worry, we have a lot of exciting features on the horizon, and we do plan on supporting a number of additional operating systems. One thing at a time! We are thrilled with the hundreds of people who have written encouraging emails, made suggestions, offered feedback and sent us bug reports. We know we’ve hit a nerve and we’re excited by the prospect of a better, faster browser that works for the masses.

Lastly, a special thanks to all of our Windows Alpha testers and Mac Beta testers, without whom we surely wouldn’t have had such a well thought-out product. Please keep your feedback coming! Your input is critical for improving future Aviator versions.

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  • http://enkillamequedo.co/ En Killa Me Quedo

    Thanks! Downloading…

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  • http://islandinthenet.com Khürt Williams

    Thank you!!

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    • Bystander

      Fine, we all want privacy and security, but WHY does the White Hat user agreement for the browser state that W.H. has our permission to share our information, and what info exactly are they planning to share, and with whom? Why is there always this privacy “exception”–sounds rather double-talky and dubious when you brag about privacy but turn around and demand to be able to share our info… Please clarify. Thanks.

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  • Optimistic1

    This is an exciting development!

    WHY should sites like banks, financial institutions, auction sites, shopping sites, search engines, etc. etc. have ads and frivolous junk all over their sites, anyway? The more junk on a site, the more security risks. Get rid of twitter, facebook, amazon ads, google analytics and Adsense, etc., etc., especially on sites that we are paying customers for! Hope the sites will still work after denying all that extraneous stuff! Good luck with this.

  • Bystander

    Glad to have this browser to try out but wish it had more of the common browser features available, such as a Privacy Toolbar right at the top (or one we can add on), to toggle Cookies & JS, etc., off and on. Also find the out-of-box colors (skin?) and fonts hard on the eyes. Where do we change these to personalize them for our needs? Also noticed that, after using the browser on Win7 for a while, it seems to hang up or get clogged up until we close it and reopen it. Is it a memory hog? Just wondering. Thanks for the efforts your company is making to enhance the browsing/security experience.