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“Website Security by WhiteHat” Trust Mark Program Updated

Since 2013, WhiteHat Security has provided customers the ability to include a dynamically generated trust mark on their companies’ websites, indicating that WhiteHat manages their sites’ security. The trust mark – a “Website Security by WhiteHat” logo – assures end users that the site they are visiting is actively being monitored for website vulnerabilities.

Now, WhiteHat has updated this program by adding the trust mark to the Sentinel portal home feed, which allows the “Website Security by WhiteHat” logo to be more prominently displayed on the main pages of customers’ sites.

With today’s constant barrage of data breach headlines, trust marks are valuable because they provide site visitors with assurance that the website they are visiting offers protection of their data and privacy and ensures their personal information is shared only with authorized recipients. As a result, trust marks have been proven to increase click through and customer conversion.

For our customers, the “Website Security by WhiteHat” trust mark means having access to WhiteHat Security’s industry-leading application security testing (AST) services to ensure any and all application vulnerabilities are discovered and communicated back to the customer to ensure appropriate security measures are taken. This provides end users and partners with the peace of mind in knowing that the website they are visiting uses best practices to ensure the safety of their experience.

Each time the WhiteHat trust mark is clicked on a customer’s site, the key in the embedded code is verified against our records as a website currently monitored by the Sentinel service. If it is a valid key, the site visitor is taken to a web page that explains the trust mark program in greater detail, specifically naming the customer’s site and displaying the current date, as shown:

It is important to note, however, that while WhiteHat Security provides best-in-class knowledge and guidance, the customer is responsible for remediation and security of their applications/websites.

The WhiteHat trust mark program is available to all WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic subscribers at no additional charge. For more details, please visit https://www.whitehatsec.com/info/security-check/