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Vulnerability Management – A New Look

Greetings from the Sentinel Design team!

We’re pleased to announce a refresh of our Vulnerability Management overview tab. From this location, you can easily determine which vulnerabilities require attention, coordinate your teams’ remediation efforts, and retest vulnerabilities to check if fixes were successful.

Vuln Mgmt 1

Vulnerability Management Overview Tab

The refresh includes performance and filtering improvements along with a significant increase in the number of rows that can be viewed at a time. We re-arranged in this way to allow a better snapshot view of a larger number of vulnerabilities at once, to improve the ease of taking actions so you can easily move onto your next task.

As part of the refresh we’ve added a new Quick Actions section for each vulnerability where you can easily:

  • Review attack vector details
  • View existing notes and tags or add new ones as needed
  • Check and modify customizations applied to a vulnerability’s Rating or Status

We improved the look and feel of the Customize Vulnerabilities page as well, providing an opportunity to set custom ratings or accept known vulnerabilities in line with your overall security plan.

vuln mgmt 2

We listened to your feedback on design. From user requests and input, we’ve added a persistence for filter selections and the number of rows displayed, which will allow you to maintain your context and preferred view of the Vulnerability Management page as you move between pages in Sentinel within a session and from one session to another.

Filter selections are also reflected in the URL, which allows you to bookmark frequent selections and share lists of vulnerabilities you’re reviewing with others on your teams.

Finally, we’ve rearranged the elements on the page for more intuitive interactions and to bring your team’s attention to key functionality such as Bulk Actions, Quick Actions, and Filtering capabilities.

We hope you enjoy the improved functionality, look, and feel of the new Vulnerability Management tab. As always, we appreciate your feedback and input as we strive to make the best user portal in the business!

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