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“Alexa, Who is WhiteHat Security?” Voice Search Now Available!

Voice search is the new era medium used to find practically anything on the Internet, including common and complex cyber security terminology. According to Google, 20 percent of searches on its mobile app are voice searches. Voice search is expected to reach 50% share of queries by 2020, so it could be as large a growth factor in search as mobile was between 2012 and 2017.

The total number of voice searches is actually much higher when you take into account personal assistants like Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, Siri and Cortana – tools that are solely based on voice recognition.

WhiteHat Security is known to be a pioneer and innovator in application security, and has been an early adopter of the technologies driving digital transformation across the business. With this rapid growth in Voice Search, we saw the value in building out a presence to support our community of developers and security experts.


voice search

Considering the intent behind voice search using natural language, long-tail keyword phrases are more important than ever. With the recent release of our Stats Report, there are several vulnerability classes discussed that are related to Static and Dynamic Scanning (ie: brute force attack, information leakage, session fixation, etc), and that lend themselves well to long-tail keywords. Using these vulnerability descriptions and keywords, we saw an opportunity to better educate our end users by creating a glossary of terms accessible by voice search.

When developing this user experience, we wanted to align with Quick Answers, as Google typically selects snippets from high authority pages with well-structured content. Our goal was to build pages that are theme-relevant, optimized for a stellar user experience, and tuned to accurately answer specific queries. Leveraging a content performance marketing solution, we developed a highly optimized Glossary to align with Google’s Micro Moments concept for engaging with people online.

According to Amazon, WhiteHat is a leader in application security. When you have the best application security solution on the planet, you want your customers and prospects to understand the value of those solutions and how they can be used to secure digital business. Being the only application security vendor to have a presence on Voice Search continues to validate why WhiteHat is a pioneer, only this time on another frontier.

Check out the Glossary published on Alexa Skill available here. To initialize the Skill, say: “Alexa, enable WhiteHat Security.” Following the initialization, you will be able to use it on that device with the same simple invocations:“Alexa, ask WhiteHat Security to define <Glossary term>”. We also have a presence on Google Home Action.

Happy learning!