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Upcoming Webinar: It’s Time to Go DAST—to the Future!


Hop in the DeLorean. It’s time to go DAST—to the Future!

In WhiteHat’s latest white paper—DAST to the Future: Shifting the Modern Application Security Paradigm—we explain why testing solely in development is a completely DAST-backwards approach that has not, cannot and will not protect applications from being breached.

That’s why WhiteHat is shifting the modern application security paradigm toward a DAST-forward approach that accounts for (and protects) the entire attack surface.

Register now for a free, live webinar on Tuesday, June 29 at 10am PT/1pm ET where we’ll discuss how implementing a DAST-forward approach to application security can help teams defend applications where breaches actually happen—in production.

This live webinar is the first installment of WhiteHat’s three-part summer series and will be hosted by Jeff Lawson (Vice President, Product), Matt Lantinga (Vice President, Ent. Sales – Americas), and Peter Monahan (Director, Solutions Architecture).

Join us on June 29 and learn more about how ‘testing right’ can accelerate ‘the shift left.’