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The Top Application Security Whitepapers of 2019

As we head into 2020, application security remains an essential consideration for every organization operating in this digital era. We’ve looked back at some of our favorite whitepapers to offer guidance and top tips for the year ahead:

Overcoming Cybersecurity Barriers in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry is going through a rapid digital transformation, which has made organizations extremely vulnerable to data breaches and malicious attacks, leading to lawsuits, revenue loss, and brand damage. Recent news on these data breaches may prove 2019 to be the worst year yet for healthcare cybersecurity.

This whitepaper examines how WhiteHat Security helps reduce risk across the application ecosystem without requiring an army of application security experts to staff and operate the program. For the full whitepaper, visit here.

A Strategic Approach to Web Application Security

Today, almost every enterprise conducts business online and as a result, websites have become the new security perimeter. As the applications that run online businesses spread out over technologies and platforms, the security risks also increase. No company is immune to attack, and the risks are not new.

There have been a growing number of hacking incidents, many of which were perpetrated through web application flaws. The web is the new perimeter for enterprise IT security and it’s not nearly as easy to lock down as a network.

This whitepaper discusses how enterprises can extend security across the entire software development lifecycle. To read more, see the full whitepaper here.

Inject Security Early in the Software Development Lifecycle

As developers push applications out the door at increasingly faster rates, it’s crucial that security vulnerabilities are discovered during the development process. Otherwise, it could cost you 10X more to fix those flaws – and much more in reputational damage for poor security that guts your market potential.
This whitepaper offers insights into where effective security resides in the software development lifecycle, how forward-thinking organizations are adopting a proactive security standpoint and presents a way to develop more secure applications in the age of DevOps and Continuous Delivery. To read the full whitepaper, go here.

Ironclad API’s: An Approach for Application Security Testing

Today, the “API economy” is quickly changing how the world interacts. Everything from photo sharing, to online shopping, to hailing a cab is happening through APIs. Because of APIs, technical innovation is happening at a faster pace than ever. If you already write software, you are probably familiar with APIs, as they are fast becoming the standard base for application development, from standard communication of database to application out to the Internet of Things.

But, if you’re not testing your APIs, you’re making a big mistake. APIs are fast becoming the standard base for software development, yet testing is often overlooked even though API code is extremely vulnerable to even the simplest of attacks.

This guide presents a brief overview of APIs, identifies the most common API security vulnerabilities before moving to set out best practices for properly testing your mission-critical APIs. Read the full whitepaper here.

How to Secure your Code for GDPR Compliance

Writing code for compliance standards is still a young discipline. While PCI DSS has provided directives for application security testing and checks, GDPR has been less specific with its directive that new portals, websites, and applications which touch EU citizen data be developed, according to the principles of Privacy by Design.

But what does that mean to the application solution architect? In short, they need to figure out how to secure all future releases of applications, both web and mobile, to incorporate security by design in stages all the way through the software development lifecycle (SDLC) from inception into production and end of life.

This whitepaper demonstrates how to bridge the communication gap by helping developers understand that adding security as an essential to every application and will reduce testing churn while speeding time to release. To read the full whitepaper, go here.

Stay tuned for more whitepapers throughout 2020, and for a full selection of all our whitepapers, please visit our archive.