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Supporting US Employees’ Right to Vote

Craig HinkleyOn November 3rd, one of the most critical decisions in this country will be made, a collective decision made by the American people. Election day will set into motion precedents and actions that will shape over 300 million US residents’ lives. But this year, this fundamental decision is impacted by the growing threat of the pandemic and the unprecedented work from home reality. 

With the burden of COVID-19, hard working Americans will be challenged to balance the duties of their personal and professional lives along with the constitutional and empowering exercise of voting. This is why WhiteHat Security has decided to lighten this load, giving all US employees November 3rd off so that they can stretch the muscle of electoral participation. We’re inspired by the movements pushing for voter participation. We believe that nobody should have to choose between working and exercising their right to vote, so we’ve strategically planned for all employees to have a paid day off. 

Only 60% of the voting-eligible population voted in the 2016 general election. This is not enough, and we must do better as organizations to ensure our most valuable assets – our people – are represented and heard. We need to fill this massive gap in our elections. 

Our hardworking team of security and business professionals tirelessly innovate and build our world-class platform of application security, securing the applications that we all rely on every day. One tiny action on our end on this nationally critical day is to make sure our teams are given the opportunity to make a decision that will secure and impact their lives, in and out of work. 

Our leadership team is committed to making sure our employees are respected and given the resources they need to make their voices heard. We have circulated among our more than 320-member staff voter registration information and deadlines. We’ve also strategically planned for this day in advance, with each technical team being intentionally equipped beforehand with the plans needed to continue delivering world-class service to our customers. We’re prepared and excited for this day. We hope this will inspire other organizations in application security and beyond to join in on future elections. We all must work together to uphold our democracy.

This year, we’ve learned that uncertainty is weaved throughout our daily lives, and the “new normal” is constantly replaced by another reality each day. This is why we want to make one thing certain —  that our employees are stretching their most important intellectual muscle as members of a free democracy. 


Register to vote: https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote