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PROTIP: Security as a Differentiator

Update: The counter point, Security is rarely a differentiator, via Mike Rothman (@securityincite)

Every company needs a competitive advantage, the more the better, and “security” can be a powerful differentiator. This is because security is very important to people and is becoming more so with each passing day of computer-hacking-privacy-invading headlines and virus infected PCs. People need and want to be able to trust those who ask for their names, contact details, email, social security numbers, health information, payment data, and so on. When security is made visible (i.e. help customers be and feel safe), the customer may be more inclined to do business with those who clearly take the matter seriously over others who don’t.

“Making security visible” can be achieved through offering strong and flexible security controls, documentation about a comprehensive infosec program, recent audit reports conducted by an independent third-party, contractual SLAs, etc. As an information security professional, imagine being able to ask for budget to do these things and more by saying to a CxO, “If we invest $A on B (security thing), our sales & marketing department research estimates an increase in new customers and financial upside of $C.” As long as C is great then A, then you have a strong business case.

All of sudden security budgets go from being perceived as a unavoidable cost of doing business, where the goal is to spend the least amount of dollars possible, to a vehicle that drives revenue. Nothing beats that! To get there security pros must engage with sales and marketing personnel, and of course customers and prospects, to see how often “security” is a buying criteria. Understand what customers want and the premium value potentially applied to the sale. Successful efforts result in an excellent opportunity to align with the business objectives and everybody wins.

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