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RSA Conference 2021: A Look Back, A Sprint Forward

As we head into RSA Conference 2021, memories of the event last year come into clearer focus.

We remember when we were able to participate together, in person. We remember no masks, lots of handshakes and hugs, and yes, the infamous rideshare lines at the end of each day. It was such a different time.

Things still look very different this year, and the world as we knew it has changed. The way businesses operate and teams interact has adapted more quickly than ever before—and the speed of our collective digital transformation has been mind-boggling! Application developers have had to step up and address new challenges in a rapid fashion in order to maintain their integral roles and stay relevant. Modern applications, now more than ever, require modern and continuous testing to remain secure against the perpetual digital threats they face.

So, what has WhiteHat been up to in the last year?

WhiteHat has been hard at work helping to secure the digital future at the increased speed of digital transformation. We have been helping the companies that safeguard your personal and sensitive data have modern application security programs in place to keep this information secure.

We are driving the future, together.

Check out some of our most recent highlights:

  • AppSec Stats Flash: Each month we release our AppSec Stats Flash podcast & report on the state of application security. We empower our audience to make informed decisions with contemporary statistics on key application security metrics.
  • Attack Surface Management: You can’t secure what you don’t know you own. WhiteHat’s Attack Surface Management powered by Bit Discovery delivers a fast, simple, and automated way for organizations to create a comprehensive inventory of their complete attack surface.

Last, but certainly not least, we are also proud to announce that WhiteHat have been selected as the winner of the “Best Product in Application Security” award for the Global InfoSec Awards by Cyber Defense Magazine!

While we take a look back and reflect on our time together last year, we invite you to join us in the sprint forward to secure the applications that run our world.

We hope to see you at an (in-person) event soon!