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Retail Organizations’ Answer to Application Security | AppSec Solutions for Industries

Recognizing the importance of applications to meet global growth initiatives, retail organizations face challenges in balancing security with application delivery timelines. Retail and eCommerce organizations manage large volumes of sensitive data, including personal data and credit card information. This data is being increasingly targeted by hackers and the volume of unfiltered vulnerability data has become overwhelming for their security teams, as they scramble to scale their application security program and remove the barriers of communication between SecOps and DevOps.

In this blog, we will talk about how Vantage Prevent can help provide definitive solutions for critical issues that the Retail industry has been battling.

Vantage Prevent is a patented and revolutionary Intelligence-Directed DAST technology that enables developers to discover and resolve vulnerabilities before they reach production — with no security expertise needed.

Small Security Teams – The Top Threat Within the Retail Industry 

Amongst other things, retail organizations are constantly dealing with threat actors exploiting vulnerabilities, using stolen credentials, and gaining access to their servers to steal various kinds of data (payment card data being the primary). The attack surface for retail and eCommerce organizations is steadily expanding and if the existence of these security flaws weren’t troubling enough, most businesses don’t have the teams (as well as tools) in place to prevent these gaps from welcoming security breaches.

Threat actors use malware to exploit systems. Some of the main vectors these threat actors use to organize attacks are: path traversal, SQL Injection, broken access control, and SSRF. Coincidently all these types of attacks are listed in the OWASP Top 10.

Within minutes, Vantage Prevent can scan and test for these OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and point to the code that might make the system vulnerable. Vantage Prevent easily integrates within the development cycle to stop vulnerable code from getting into production and provides organizations with the best chance to prevent breaches.

Retail organizations need to be less reactive and be more proactive towards AppSec.

Let’s face it; traditionally doing this has been hard!

Dynamic application security testing in a pre-production environment can take hours and sometimes days! Despite the many benefits DAST offers, no one from development, QA, build engineering, or DevOps want to integrate these scans into their process due to the amount of additional time it adds into the pipeline.

Based on an organization’s AppSec maturity, fixing a problem might not take too long, but figuring out where it is definitely does. Furthermore, having an application with unknown vulnerabilities is a risk that organizations should not take.

Vantage Prevent was designed to fit environments regardless of the organization’s AppSec maturity, effectively removing the barrier to proactively secure applications in their development cycles and it only takes minutes! Because it’s so fast, it can be deployed straight to a developer’s desktop and be included as a step in the build process — regardless of an organization’s CICD maturity.

With Vantage Prevent, security teams have visibility into the results which provides them with confidence that the code getting pushed into production is both functional and secure. This reduces the burden on the security teams by reducing — or even eliminating — the stress of finding critical vulnerabilities in production environments where vulnerabilities become exploitable.

Yes, we made it that easy!