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Partnership with RSI Eases Burden of Remediation on DevSecOps

In today’s digital economy, time to market is everything. Organizations are expected to release applications and updates on a near-continuous basis, or risk being left behind by the competition. Now more than ever, the pressure is on developers to get their apps finalized and ready for deployment as quickly as possible. As a result, development teams often lack the necessary time or resources required to spend on scanning for and fixing security vulnerabilities

According to a 2018 DevSecOps Community Survey, nearly one-half of developers say they don’t have enough time to spend on security, even though they are aware of its importance.

WhiteHat is aiming to address that issue by teaming up with Rural Sourcing Inc. (RSI), the leading provider of US-based IT outsourcing services. The partnership is designed to help organizations spend less time worrying about security vulnerabilities and more time focusing on meeting their business and development goals. The companies will combine the comprehensive, SaaS-based WhiteHat Security Platform with RSI’s vulnerability remediation services, creating the industry’s first one-stop shop solution to identify and remediate application level exposures.

WhiteHat already provides AppSec solutions to cover the entire software lifecycle, from development and testing through deployment and operation phases, including identification of threats and recommendations to implement fixes. And while WhiteHat has always provided guidance on remediating those vulnerabilities, the partnership with RSI takes things a step further. Now, the two companies can ease the burden of remediation on DevSecOps by giving joint customers access to hundreds of RSI’s application development experts that scan the vulnerabilities identified by WhiteHat and implement the fix, saving time and resources.

In this way, the RSI partnership complements and strengthens the already powerful WhiteHat Application Security Platform, which pulls from 18 years of data on application vulnerabilities and more than 100 million verified attack vectors identified by the WhiteHat Threat Research Center.