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Part 2 : Simplifying Your Application Security

Previously, we discussed in part 1 of this blog series, application security issues are becoming the first and foremost cause of security breaches, leading to some real challenges among organizations attempting to achieve DevSecOps. This includes sorting through a multiple of security tools and options, coping with a shortage of resources and subject matter expertise, and dealing with false positives.

But what can organizations do to address these challenges and ensure the security of their applications without sacrificing time to deployment?

The Three-Phased Approach

By embedding application security testing at each stage of the software lifecycle, businesses can secure the critical applications by decreasing the number of software vulnerabilities and the result would be a reduced amount of data breaches we see in the world today. The key is establishing an AppSec program that incorporates Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and Software Composition Analysis (SCA). Organizations that have implemented this three-phased DevSecOps approach have reduced their Window of Exposure for apps that are always vulnerable to an average of 22%. By contrast, organizations that have not adopted DevSecOps see an average of more than 50% of apps that are always vulnerable.

Moreover, as detailed in the 2019 WhiteHat Application Security Statistics Report, these organizations experienced a 50% drop in production vulnerabilities and saw time-to-fix vulnerabilities reduced by 25%.

WhiteHat Sentinel Platform



WhiteHat Sentinel: A Single Unified Platform for Application Security

WhiteHat Sentinel is a single platform that replaces the need for many point solutions in your AppSec ecosystem. With a fully integrated AppSec program, you can find and fix vulnerabilities early before the app is deployed, thereby raising security assurance and addressing risk compliance. WhiteHat’s solution provides visibility into multiple types of risks including potential security and licensing issues, with one platform.

The WhiteHat Sentinel application security platform improves an organization’s security posture by enabling development teams to build secure software faster, achieve greater visibility into potential vulnerabilities, gain access to faster, more accurate threat response, and address compliance at the same time.

Strong Potential for Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The discovery and removal of vulnerabilities in the development phase is less expensive than the same process within the operation phase. WhiteHat Sentinel platform provides advanced insight into how applications are already at risk or can be exposed to risks, even when they are in production, offering the chance to make adjustments when they are far less costly to the organization. WhiteHat Sentinel’s best-in-class DAST solution automates security testing with fully artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled verification. The result is faster time to market, saves money in developer time and ultimately, reduction of risk and remediation costs.

Championing Accuracy & Verification of Vulnerabilities

WhiteHat Sentinel identifies known vulnerabilities in seconds, and any anomalies indicative of potential unknown vulnerabilities are then reviewed by human WhiteHat Security Threat Research Center (TRC) cybersecurity experts. These verified vulnerabilities virtually eliminate false positives, resulting in a reduction of resource costs. Above all, faster and more accurate security vulnerability identification and remediation improves overall application security and businesses’ ROI.


Application security solutions need to be fast and provide good coverage for capturing all classes of vulnerabilities. More importantly, to be useful to DevOps application development teams, they need to be highly accurate. Successful implementation of your application security program implementation depends on overall simplification across teams and processes.

Here’s where WhiteHat can help, by simplifying application security implementation and visibility with automation and accurate threat intelligence support that’s essential for agile development processes and secure DevOps.