Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Introducing our Superstar Executive Assistant Nev Dooley

As most people know, there are a lot of moving parts that go into running a cybersecurity company. With products and solutions constantly being updated and delivered to end users, employees have to stay up to date with the latest cyberthreats and meetings with partners and customers everyday. It takes dedication and a high level of organization to keep it all running smoothly.

Oftentimes, administrative assistants are the backbones of a successful organization. There are over 4 million administrative professionals driving businesses to meet their goals around the world.

Executive assistants often understand unspoken needs of the people and organizations they work with. These individuals often provide an outside point of view to a specific problem and provide an unbiased solution. Despite the fact that there are solutions such as Alexa and Siri, there will never be an AI-based solution that replaces executive assistants. No one will ever be able to create a software that can understand a company culture, cater a lunch last minute and help acclimate a new employee to an office.

Here at WhiteHat Security, we are lucky to have a team of professionals dedicated to being the leading application security provider that is committed to securing digital business. Today, we would like to highlight our amazing executive assistant, Nev Dooley, who recently won an Admin Award for her outstanding leadership in the company. This particular award program is dedicated to honor the achievements, dedication and importance of administrative professionals across the U.S.

Nev has played an important role in effortlessly running operations at WhiteHat Security. For the past two years, she has worked closely with Craig Hinkley, our CEO, and actively manages multiple facets of our organization. Some of her leadership qualities include persistence, focus, integrity, innovation, patience, decisiveness, open-mindedness, empowerment, generosity and a passion for helping her fellow employees and organization succeed. And that’s only naming a few!

Any company facing an acquisition knows how hectic this time can be for all of the companies and stakeholders involved in the process. During WhiteHat’s recent acquisition by NTT Security, Nev played an important role in making sure everything was happening as stress-free as possible. She is able to orchestrate complex projects and execute them flawlessly. Whenever she is tasked with a new challenge, she makes sure there are superior results.

The entire team at WhiteHat is extremely grateful for the hard work Nev accomplishes on a daily basis. Because of her dedication, WhiteHat has continued to be able to provide the best in application security. Her award win solidifies that Nev constantly demonstrates a flawless execution of executive operations and showcases her passion for helping the company succeed. We are so lucky to have her!

Thank you, Nev, for everything you do.