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National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Week 4: A Career in Cyber Security

NCSAMCyber security is one of the hottest and fastest growing industries in technology. As more breaches occur every day, more companies realize they need security experts. The problem: there are very few cyber security experts out there. The demand is so high and the talent pool so low that everyone is scrambling to try and find people to fill these roles. No one wants to make the front page news as the latest victim of a breach or cyber attack. The big problem with this however is that it drives up the need for experienced security experts, while completely ignoring the entry level security people.

We as a security industry need to foster entry level security students. Train them, encourage them and eventually you’ll come out with a security expert that’s highly motivated and loyal. I can tell you first hand that training security engineers from entry level to expert is extremely rewarding. Knowing that we’ve trained one more person in the fight against cyber attackers is a wonderful feeling and something that I hope is rewarding to every user out there.

Another great motivator for those that may be thinking about a career in security is that this industry will likely never go away. With more and more of our everyday lives being online, the need to protect those online assets only increases. With an increase in user activity online, comes an increase in those that wish to take advantage of this new online presence. Companies will always need to have security at the top of their agenda, as not doing so could jeopardize the entire organization.

At WhiteHat Security we realized early on there was a shortage of security experts and knew that we had to start training new security engineers. We built our own WhiteHat Training Academy where we can take entry level people with no security knowledge and train them to be a world class security expert in very little time. I love seeing our engineers progress in their careers and become industry experts working for some of the largest companies on the planet, and in some cases even in charge of their entire security team!

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