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Mobile Applications Perform Poorly on Protecting Personal Data
Minimize the Attack Surface with Sentinel Mobile

Out of the 350 popular Android apps reviewed, 70% leak sensitive personal data (2019 WhiteHat Security Stats Report findings in partnership with NowSecure)

These online retail, brick-and-mortar retail, finance, insurance and travel apps have privacy risks that expose personally identifiable information (PII).

2019 WhiteHat Security Stats Report findings in partnership with NowSecure

The cost of data breaches is on the rise and non-compliant organizations are facing the repercussions of data breaches through huge fines with some eventually going out of business.

Building security into app development can proactively mitigate mobile security threats. Organizations need to ensure that app developers follow best practices while building secure mobile apps and close any privacy gaps that are found throughout the development life cycle.

App Vetting & Compliance Check Best Practices

Implementing security by design and providing the right tools to your developers to vet the apps earlier in the software lifecycle helps prevent security gaps as the applications are designed, developed and tested. NIST best practices on Vetting Security of Mobile Apps also strongly recommends on identifying potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses during the development process when they can still be addressed by the original developers. Attempting to implement app vetting solely at the end of the development effort will lead to increased costs, lengthened project timelines and extra remediation efforts.

The Solution: An automated testing platform that makes lives easier for the development teams by providing accurate results as it scans for vulnerabilities and effortless visibility into compliance regulations while keeping pace with the faster release cycles. Save time, save money.

A ROI estimate, as sourced from NowSecure, says it all. For the cost of a single penetration test, organizations can employ an automated testing platform that lets them test every build of a mobile app, every day of the year.’

ROI of an Automated Mobile Security Testing Platform

 Cost per app per year   $10,000
 Number of apps tests allowed   Unlimited
 Number of business days per year   250
 Cost per test if testing each day   $40
 Cost for one pen test   $15,000(min.)
 ROI for Automated testing   30%+ less than one pen test

WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile – Easy-to-Use MAST Platform

In a previous blog post we shared how WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile aids developers develop safer mobile apps faster.  In this post we focus on how the development and security team can get an in-depth insight at the potential compliance issues through our post scan reports and easily narrow down on relevant compliance checks to ensure privacy risk management.

When key regulations and compliance matter, it is essential to have complete visibility and guidance on what needs to be remediated. Here’s how Whitehat Sentinel Mobile platform can help. WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile Findings report summary lists:

  • Vulnerabilities wrt impact levels
  • Detailed findings that include vulnerability description with remediation recommendations
  • Compliance summary with the list of regulatory compliance failures

Sentinel Mobile

Compliance. Covered.

Sentinel Mobile binary files scans check for the broadest array of security threats, compliance gaps and privacy risks. Developer remediation instructions for each finding also includes a list of regulatory violations related to that particular finding, enabling you to focus on fixing them not finding them. Regulatory compliance for each finding is mapped to applicable compliance regime and testing standard including OWASP Mobile Top 10, NIAP, FFIEC, GDPR, PCI and HIPAA with direct links for further information.

False Positives? Not A Problem!

Time wasted by engineers to weed through the high volume of false positives leads to ‘alert fatigue’. Often severe and high-level vulnerabilities can go undetected, posing security risk to your applications. This is one critical area where the WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile platform outperforms any other MAST solution in the market. Scan configuration by the WhiteHat Threat Research Center (TRC) experts guarantee high-accuracy results. Given the time and resource constraint that most development and security teams face, the support from the expert security engineers gives you an edge over other solutions.

Privacy – It’s All About Protecting PII.

According to GDPR Art. 35(1)(b) app providers/developers should ensure that the security requirements of the personal data and the processing systems are met. This encompasses integrity and confidentiality as well as availability and resilience.

The scans by our TRC security team simulate real world user interaction while maintaining production safety. Scans that run in an authenticated state are also reviewed for personally identifiable information (PII) on the target account to ensure any sensitive information is not being stored, logged, or transmitted in an insecure way while also maintaining a high level of accuracy.

Eduardo Cervantes, Manager WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile, advises development teams to practice zero trust security model to keep applications and data safe. “Mobile application security has been maturing rapidly to catch up with their web counterparts. The environments that host these applications are no longer looked at as safe havens to store and transmit user data, but rather, hostile environments inhabited not only by purposefully malicious apps but also legitimate apps that seek to undermine their user’s desire for privacy for monetary gain. In both cases it’s critical to operate with a zero trust mentality and minimize the attack surface/window by protecting data in transit and at rest.

With your business reputation and its survival at stake, as you build your mobile-first business plan, think security-first. Check out WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile cutting-edge mobile application security testing platform combines dynamic and static automated scanning with support from the expert security engineers of our Threat Research Center (TRC). Whether your focus is a critical need demanding quick scan results of a finished application, or continuous scanning to catch vulnerabilities earlier in development, or even a business logic assessment to satisfy compliance requirements, we have you covered. With built-in artificial intelligence engine backed by the world’s largest curated attack vector data intelligence, we combine automation and human expertise for speed and accuracy.