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Kubernetes Security Starts with Your Containers

If we are to “containerize all the things”, as one meme put it, then it would be natural to leverage something that allows us to scale the distribution and operation of those containers. Kubernetes provides us several benefits, but like any piece of complex software, it also has security implications.

Securing your Kubernetes clusters starts with the individual unit itself – the container. If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, your Kubernetes cluster is only as secure as its weakest container.

To help raise awareness around the risks and mitigating security controls associated with the world of Kubernetes, join NTT Application Security’s Chief Scientist, Eric Sheridan, as he shares his insights on how to secure development and operational practices with the container itself. Participants of this webinar will learn about various secure coding strategies, including:

  • Creating minimal base images to reduce the attack surface
  • Leveraging multi-stage builds to reduce final image size and its contents
  • Scanning containers for both system-level and application-level vulnerabilities
  • Applying the concept of least privilege for running containers
  • Utilization of private registries to help improve secure deployments

Join our “Kubernetes Security Starts with Your Containers” webinar on May 18th by registering today!