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Kobayashi Maru

NTT Application Security has been monitoring and reporting on the state of application security monthly since January 2021. Over the last 7 months, the data has begun to show trends and important data points. In this month’s installment, NTT Application Security’s Setu Kulkarni, vice president of corporate strategy and business development, and Zach Jones, senior director of detection research, discuss the data behind AppSec Stats Flash Vol. 7.

To put it simply, applications are more vulnerable than this time last year. Time to fix serious vulnerabilities is increasing, remediation rates are decreasing, and the types of vulnerabilities that applications suffer from have not changed. Applications are now the path of least resistance for attackers to breach an enterprise. This is our Kobayashi Maru moment – but what can be done?

Check out this month’s podcast and download the full report here.

Each month, the AppSec Stats Flash reflects on the evolving threat landscape, tracks key AppSec metrics on an ongoing basis, and brings forward key actionable takeaways for security and development teams who are responsible for the applications that run their business.

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