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Introducing Vantage Detect: Enterprises’ Last Line of Defense Against Breaches

As Log4j and other zero-day vulnerabilities increasingly disrupt digital business operations around the world, enterprises’ public-facing web applications and APIs face a growing risk of suffering a security breach. And while there is no fail-safe way to do security testing in pre-production that catches all risk—with environmental and system factors taken into account—having the ability to continuously test connected applications for risk and quickly orchestrate proper remediation remains the most important part of preventing a breach.

That’s why today we’re introducing Vantage Detect, a cutting-edge solution that adapts traditional dynamic application security testing (DAST) technology to safeguard applications in a new era of software development. The third phase of The WhiteHat Vantage Platform, Vantage Detect builds upon traditional DAST solutions—a critical element of a holistic and proactive security strategy—and adapts to how modern applications are built and behave in production environments.

With today’s launch, enterprises can now leverage the combined power of Vantage Prevent and Vantage Detect to unlock next-gen DAST testing across the entire SDLC—from the developer’s desktop to the DevOps process and into production—allowing for an extraordinary level of testing before an application goes to market.

How Vantage Detect Adapts DAST to Modern Software Development

Traditional DAST tools have not been the most popular with developers and DevOps teams. Whether it’s the amount of time it takes to configure and complete a scan, the resulting massive amount of vulnerability information (and potential false-positives), or the technology’s lackluster ability to accurately scan modern application architectures, DAST has become an unspeakable four-letter word for velocity-driven software teams.

Vantage Detect’s game-changing features are designed to flip the script on DAST and give enterprises a fast, easy-to-use solution to serve as a last line of defense against breaches in a continually changing and increasingly hostile application layer.

Accelerating Time-to-Value

When an exploitable vulnerability exists in a production application, every second counts. Vantage Detect continuously simulates production-safe attacks to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in an organization’s external attack surface and provides actionable results as they are discovered, allowing developers to begin remediating vulnerabilities within minutes after generating a scan. That means teams no longer need to wait until a scan is completed to begin taking action.

Additionally, Vantage Detect tracks the evidence of a vulnerability across multiple scans and provides remediation guidance to help developers fix the root cause of the vulnerability—not just the symptoms—allowing DevSecOps teams to spend more time creating value for their organizations and less time chasing down low priority or unexploitable vulnerabilities.

Effective Scans for Modern Architectures

Modern applications using a Single-Page Architecture (SPA) are notoriously difficult to scan and are prone to incomplete results when using traditional DAST scanning tools. Vantage Detect has been designed with SPAs in mind, with native functionalities that give teams effective coverage for your modern applications.


Streamlined Workflows

When it comes to effectively leveraging DAST to secure public-facing applications, the problems often arise after a scan is completed, putting the onus back on development teams to sift through security findings and plan for remediation.

Alongside providing detailed evidence, Vantage Detect’s workflow engine manages the state of findings so that security teams can quickly understand, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities. This lets teams focus on the most critical results without getting overwhelmed by information.

Bolstering The WhiteHat Vantage Platform

The rollout of Vantage Detect follows that of Vantage Inspect and Vantage Prevent to form The WhiteHat Vantage Platform—a culmination of purpose-built application security solutions focused on providing enterprises with the speed, accuracy and ease of use required to combat the fast-growing digital threat landscape without impeding business velocity.

Traditional application security tools were built solely for security practitioners and often impede DevSecOps workflows within many organizations because they lack the expertise or resources to leverage them.

The WhiteHat Vantage Platform enables a truly holistic approach to application security by strategically layering these three purpose-built solutions at the most critical inflection points of the SDLC, while the platform’s ability to automate testing across the entire SDLC helps enterprises achieve and implement DevSecOps practices across the organization.

It’s time to view application security from a new vantage point.

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