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Introducing New Tableau Integration

Here at WhiteHat, we’re constantly looking for new technology integrations that will help our customers with their risk management strategies. Tableau produces interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence, which is a very important part of a larger vulnerability management initiative. We’re delighted to announce WhiteHat Sentinel has created a connector for customers who use Tableau Business Intelligence tools.

The basic tenets for vulnerability management:

  • Knowing and seeing where your assets and applications lie, what comprises them, and who owns them is always the place to start a program
  • Web application vulnerabilities are gateways for attack
  • Vulnerabilities in need of fixing must be prioritized based on which ones pose the most immediate risk to the network. A little remediation is better than none.
  • Security practitioners need a process that will allow them to identify recurring causes, problems, and gaps in security policies
  • Mitigate where you cannot remediate.

All of these rely on business intelligence.

Some people can read the world in a spreadsheet or written report. Some prefer visualization via Tableau.

The diagram below illustrates how the WhiteHat Sentinel Connector for Tableau works. It is available in the cloud and does not require users to download it to their own environment. The WhiteHat Sentinel Connector for Tableau makes API calls to Sentinel (using the API key the user enters) and receives data from Sentinel about the vulnerabilities and assets covered under Sentinel.

All dynamic and static scanning data is available for visualization through the API, as is all asset information. Installation is simple, as is the hookup to the API.

Data visualization feeds the core of any good vulnerability program. With this new Connector, companies who use Tableau as part of their data management program will enjoy a dashboard allowing them to drill down to the programmer level to find out where they have recurring vulnerability types, or by group to sort out where further education may be warranted.

Our customers who use Tableau can now track vulnerabilities by asset owner or developer, providing new methodologies to get a clear view on how to help focus on mitigating risk and managing the vulnerabilities across the whole enterprise.


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