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Introducing Craig Hinkley, WhiteHat Security CEO

As many of you know, I took on the role of “interim” CEO in February 2014, and along with the management team, led WhiteHat through a much needed period of re-strategizing and narrowing our focus onto the needs of our customers. In that time, we made great progress and improved every single metric that matters. All the while, the Board of Directors and I were diligently searching to find the right person to step in as the permanent CEO. As founder, I may be biased, but WhiteHat is not just another security company. WhiteHat is something special and the work we do, web security, is important to the world. We needed a long-term CEO equal to the task. We needed someone who is passionate about web security and capable of taking WhiteHat to the next level; someone with the right skill set, experience, drive, vision, customer dedication, and most importantly, the ability to execute with us. Every. Single. Day. At long last, we have found that person. On behalf of everyone here at WhiteHat Security, I am happy to introduce our new CEO, Craig Hinkley. Craig is an accomplished leader and I am confident that he is the right person to build on the foundation and momentum achieved by the WhiteHat team. While Craig’s resume is certainly impressive, it barely begins to do him justice. He’s the type of person who is driven, immediately engaging, and open to new ideas, while inspiring vision and excitement. We look forward to the key leadership he will bring to the WhiteHat team. Many of you are probably asking, “What does this mean for Jeremiah?” My passion is, and continues to be, Web security, and WhiteHat is the very best place to do that. The vast majority of my day-to-day activity will remain largely unchanged. I will be heavily focused on our technology, product innovation, and strategy. With Craig on board, I’ll be freed up to focus more of my time and attention on those critical details. Now, please join me in welcoming Craig as he takes the helm as CEO of WhiteHat Security. View the official press release here.

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