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Interested in Being a WhiteHat Partner? New Program Arms You with DevSecOps Knowledge, Tools to Increase Value to Customers

In 2018, the number of exposed data records through breached applications more than doubled from 197.6 million in 2017 to 446.5 million. And this trajectory will likely continue through 2019. It is now more important than ever for companies to focus in on building the most secure applications to protect their corporate and customer information.

WhiteHat partners play a critical role in helping our customers build and run the secure applications that power their businesses—so we created our new WhiteHat Security Partnership Program, to help them build an application security practice and realize strong gross profits faster than ever.

The turnkey program focuses on understanding our partners’ businesses, helping them identify and close new deals, and providing the training and education they need to become trusted DevSecOps advisors and experts to our shared customers.

DevSecOps is still an emerging best practice in the development space, and we’re excited to be one of the first companies to provide this level of education and support for partners, to help them become even more instrumental in preventing application vulnerability-driven data breaches.

When partners are armed with knowledge, tools and additional capabilities in DevSecOps, they can deliver a critical service for decreasing costs and risks to customers. And, by increasing their proficiency in building and running secure applications, they can differentiate themselves from competitors as one of the few DevSecOps specialists in the game, which will provide greater value to customers and open doors to new business opportunities that would have previously been locked. Most importantly, partners will be able to provide knowledge to customers responding to the rising demand of developers looking to get more involved in security.

As with past programs, our partners receive valuable discounts and sales incentives. But the WhiteHat Security Partnership Program adds even more benefits to fit each partner’s specific needs, including business planning, one-on-one support, education and enablement, training and certification, and marketing tools to help partners increase awareness of their company, build their brand and drive business growth.

The WhiteHat Security Partnership Program offers three levels. Wondering what’s right for you? Let’s look at the options: In DevSecOps Level 1, the entry partnership level, partners get self-service training and tools to start building their DevSecOps practice. At DevSecOps Level 2, partners will also receive enablement and marketing as they expand their DevSecOps expertise. Finally, at DevSecOps Level 3, partners will be able to promote their leadership in DevSecOps and help accelerate their business growth.

WhiteHat partners can also find all the information they need in one convenient spot—the comprehensive partner portal, including sales and marketing tools, sales opportunities, leads and communications from their WhiteHat partnership team.

We look forward to deepening our relationships with our existing partners and adding new allies in our mission to make DevSecOps a widespread best practice in application development.