Technical Insight

“How does WhiteHat Security approach BYOD?”

BYOD is a big topic for companies, particularly when it comes to how to properly implement policy around personal devices used for work purposes. It’s a question that we are asked often by employees and by our customers, so I thought I would take a moment to share a little about our approach to BYOD.

By nature, the work we do at WhiteHat Security involves work with some of our customers most sensitive data and critical assets. We don’t take this lightly. So, we deal with BYOD perhaps a little differently then most companies. Getting access to sensitive customer data is only performed via WhiteHat Security supported hardware and job function. So in a sense, we do not provide outright support for BYOD. If employees or guests do bring their own devices to our offices, they can only access our public wifi, and no WhiteHat Security data or customer data is accessible on that network. We segment our data pretty aggressively to prevent data leakage. Employees that require access to certain mobile devices – smart phones or laptops, for instance – WhiteHat Security will pay for the device and the IT department will configure it for access, but access is limited to email and not customer data.