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Hackers Have it Easy!

Application security is becoming an increasingly top of mind issue for the average person. High-profile breaches are happening more frequently, and the situation has gotten to the point where even casual technology users can no longer go about their daily lives without worrying about the security of their personal data. For example, a popular gym’s management software recently had a set of critical vulnerabilities that, if exploited, would leak its members’ data like a broken faucet leaks water.

In Vol. 8 of AppSec Stats Flash, we take a deep dive into July’s data to help shed light on the state of application security, which shows the time-to-fix high severity vulnerabilities increased by 10 days since last month’s analysis. July’s data also shows that some of the largest industries currently have had at least one serious exploitable vulnerability in over 60% of their applications throughout the year, including Management of Companies & Enterprises, Utilities, Retail Trade, and also Professional, Scientific and Technical Services.

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Heading into the last quarter of 2021, applications within the retail sector are showing an uptick in Window of Exposure, including an increase by 3 points in just a month of July. With the annual increase in eCommerce shopping highlighted by Cyber Monday events leading up to the holiday season, applications in this sector will become highly targeted vectors for exploiting vulnerabilities.

Each month, the AppSec Stats Flash reflects on the evolving threat landscape, tracks key AppSec metrics on an ongoing basis and brings forward key actionable takeaways for security and development teams who are responsible for the applications that run their business.

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