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#HackerKast 18 Bonus Round: Password Cracking

Hey Everybody! Thanks for checking out this week’s bonus footage. We like to do these to not just focus on current events but to also get our hands dirty with some technical demos. This week, we decided to talk about password cracking.

You hear news stories all the time about passwords being stolen and you may have heard of password hashes being cracked. What this means is that somebody got a hashed copy of a lot of passwords out of a database and are running programs against it to get the plain text password out.

For those of you familiar with password cracking this will be super boring but we decided to actually show what this looks like for those who haven’t seen it. I decided to use John the Ripper for this demo but could have used a ton of others like OCL Hashcat. Kali Linux has a few of these installed by default for those who want to play.

Since we are web app guys here at WhiteHat I decided to pick on some password hashes that make sense in our world, WordPress. Most password cracking demos you’ll see are running against local machine password files so instead of that I made a few of my own WordPress password hashes. The giveaway showing that these are WordPress hashed passwords is that they use a PHPass algorithm which results in a hash that always starts with $P$B.

The passwords I chose were pretty easy ones just to prove to you guys how easy cracking easy passwords is. Anything in the top couple of 1000 used passwords will be cracked in seconds with the help of a word list, as you’ll see in the video.

The other major point I wanted to make is that seemingly “good” passwords that follow all the rules of a websites password strength requirements can actually be pretty weak. The example I used was “Jeremiah29:11” as a password passes most requirements. It’s over 8-10 characters, it is has upper and lower case letters, has numbers, and special characters. Seems great right? Well since it is a popular bible verse, this took less than 30 min. to crack on my laptop and would take seconds on a computer built for password cracking.

Check out the end of the video for some of our tips on secure password selection. Let us know what you think!