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#HackerKast 10 Bonus Round: Live Hack of Browser AutoComplete Function

While we were all recording HackerKast Episode 10 this week we decided to add a little bonus footage for a bit more technical content instead of just news stories. We mastered the power of Screensharing on our video chat and decided to put it to use.

This week’s bonus footage features Jeremiah diving into the world of browser Autocomplete hacking. This isn’t a new topic by any means but as us hackers get curious every once in a while, Jeremiah decided to see if this bug was still around.

The premise is simple: you can place a form on a website that you control. On that form you can ask for a user’s name. When you begin to type in that name, some browsers (Chrome & Safari featured in the video) will offer up the convenience of auto-filling the form for you. In this case the user doesn’t feel like typing their whole name out and allows the browser to do so. What the user doesn’t see is the rest of the form fields which are easily rendered invisible with simple CSS which are titled properly to grab the rest of the information out of your AutoFill contacts profile.

In the video Jeremiah shows how it is possible with a bit of tom foolery and Javascript to grab things like an unsuspecting user’s phone number, birthday, address, email, etc. just by having them starting to type in their name and letting AutoFill do the rest. This demo was done on Mac OSX using the latest versions of Safari and Chrome.

Again, not much new and revolutionary but still a scary attack that most users would fall for and be none the wiser as to what is going on.

We have posted the code to this particular hack on for anyone interested in testing it out.

Happy Hacking!