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Give Your Developers the Confidence to Produce Safer Mobile Apps Faster

ShwetaA recent study by Zimperium of the world’s leading travel applications to understand how they manage users’ security and privacy risks reveals that 100% of the iOS apps failed to receive a passing privacy or security grade. 45% of Android apps failed to pass the privacy tests, and 97% failed on security.

Malicious or privacy infringing mobile apps are usually taken down by app stores as and when identified to be violating the security policies. It’s apparent that safe and secure mobile apps are the ones that will survive and be successful in the long run.

Application DeveloperAs a business owner or an application developer, it is essential that you implement a secure mobile application development strategy that covers compliance with security regulations and incorporates best practices to mitigate security threats and privacy risks at every stage of mobile app development. A proactive and risk-based approach is required to protect the data handled by the mobile apps.

Are you Catching the Vulnerabilities Early?

Vulnerabilities can occur during any phase of the software development lifecycle or the app lifecycle and even post deployment. The above numbers from the study indicate that there are potentially huge gaps in implementing secure coding practices.

Your developers are responsible for vetting the code extensively for vulnerabilities and defects. They need the right mobile application security testing tools and guidelines but are often stretched on time amidst high-frequency release cycles, or as they build code multiple times per day. What is required is a fast, on-demand mobile application security testing platform that checks for vulnerabilities through static and dynamic code analysis, throughout the software development life cycle. Security should not be an afterthought, it’s always a best practice to scan code as it is written to catch the defects early. And above all, you can reduce remediation costs and time-to-remediate by finding and fixing vulnerabilities earlier in the software development lifecycle.

What can you do to help your developers test code for potential security threats?

“By achieving privacy and security by design, and by verifying the security of a mobile application before its distribution, the interest of application users can be best protected.” Cloud Security Alliance Mobile research

Sentinel Mobile

Secure application testing strategy seeks to lower the number of vulnerabilities and increase efficiency for detection to time-fix-rate. With a DevSecOps framework, early detection of security threats and vulnerabilities is dramatically increased, as is security solution deployment. The 2019 WhiteHat Application Security Statistics Report finds that by identifying specific vulnerabilities within applications as they are being developed results in significant reduction in the amount of time an application is exposed to a vulnerability among organizations that have embraced best DevSecOps processes. Here’s where WhiteHat Security can help, from scanning binary files through testing and production, developers can rely on WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile Application Testing platform to easily find vulnerabilities and narrow down on relevant compliance checks to ensure privacy risk management. Our solution can help reduce the risk, lower the cost, and decrease the time it takes for organizations to develop and deploy secure applications.

Benefits of WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile to Developers:

  • Automated, Self-Service Platform

Fully integrated with WhiteHat Sentinel for seamless self-service on-boarding, file upload, scan requests, and faster access to results.Supports both Static and Dynamic testing in mobile app security testing.

  • Unlimited and On-Demand Scans

With unlimited number of scans available, you can upload any number of binary files during development and testing phase.

  • OWASP Top 10 Mobile Covered

Analyzes developer-signed binaries and mobile-optimized websites for OWASP TOP 10 Mobile vulnerabilities, client-side issues and more.

  • High-Accuracy Results

Automated testing can do only as much, the manual scan configurations by our security engineers at the Threat Research Center (TRC) ensure high-accuracy results. Having this option makes the Sentinel Mobile a much superior solution as compared to other automated scanners.

Check out WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile cutting-edge mobile application security testing platform combines dynamic and static automated scanning with support from the expert security engineers of our TRC (support options vary with Sentinel Mobile service levels). Whether your focus is a critical need demanding quick scan results of a finished application, or continuous scanning to catch vulnerabilities earlier in development, or even a business logic assessment to satisfy compliance requirements, we have you covered. Scale security to meet the needs of your organization with the automated, always-on cloud-based solution.

Next blog post in the series, learn more on how the development and security teams can easily narrow down on relevant compliance checks to ensure privacy risk management.