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What you can do now to protect yourself against ID theft

Equifax Breach

The news broke yesterday that Equifax had a massive breach that leaked personal information including Social Security Numbers, names and Drivers License numbers. The scope of this breach is staggering: 143 million records. This is half of the US population, and if you think about it, only adults were affected so the number of US adults that had their information taken is astronomical.

The other interesting thing to note is that you never needed to have a relationship with Equifax in order to have your information stolen. Even if you never logged in to Equifax, checked your credit score, looked at your credit history, you still could be effected. This is because Equifax is a data warehouse, where credit data is stored for almost all Americans.

I would encourage everyone to sign up for identity theft protection through companies like LifeLock and ID Watchdog. The data that was taken is an ID thief’s dream. It’s basically everything an ID thief needs to open a credit card, or take out credit using your information.

Everyone should closely monitor their credit and take appropriate action to safeguard against ID theft.