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Calling on Application Security Professional Services

Digital transformation has morphed from a competitive advantage to a necessity for business survival. As applications are produced faster and faster, hackers are standing by, ready to strike. The need for application security has never been greater than right now. Many organizations do not know how to get started on implementing a high-performing, scalable application security program, and many do not have the time, executive commitment, or necessary skills.

“The global application security market size is expected to grow to USD 13.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR OF 16.1%.”

– ResearchAndMarkets.com

How to deploy and scale your AppSec program?

Whether someone is creating their first application security program or rapidly expanding, managed program services can deploy and scale AppSec in a more cost-effective way versus tackling it internally. Managed services are the optimum method to augment staff, provide expertise, training, and valuable resources.

Application security program services are the assistance offered by security vendors in conjunction with the application security solutions. These services focus on helping organizations reach their business goals together with their product offerings. The application security services assist organizations in planning, implementing, integrating, and monitoring the application security environment through established best practices in the industry.

Application security services are broadly classified into two categories: professional services and managed services. The professional services include consulting services, training and education services, and support and maintenance services. Application Security program services give an upper hand to organizations’ security. These services help organizations make robust security decisions for proactively addressing emerging fraudulent attacks. Overall, Professional Services team helps bridge the gap between your security and the development side of your digital business.

According to 451 Research, now part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, “application security testing skillsets are identified as the most inadequately addressed in enterprise security teams. This inadequacy will continue in 2021 and into the future as well.”

We also know that application security is not a one prescription fits all. While some aspects of the services are common knowledge, the need for professional consulting stems from the fact that a qualified professional with years of skills and expertise can fill in the gaps. Professional Services can make sense of the data and arrange the facts in a way that helps understand and make informed decisions.

Some reasons why you need professional services

  • Set up and drive enterprise-wide risk management programs in support of an Application Security Platform.
  • Advise on solution architecture consultations, tool integration, and remediation.
  • Develop measurable success criteria to track progress across the organization, including regular meeting cadences, quarterly program reviews, and annual service review meetings.
  • Enable and inform your teams on best application security practices.
  • Represent Application Security across functional teams in your environment.
  • Collaborate with development teams to ensure vulnerabilities are remediated according to organizational security policies and best practices.

With more firms diversifying their revenue streams, the need for an on-demand workforce that shapeshifts to the type of products and services to be created will see a rise.

It is a great challenge to build, manage, and grow a successful application security program from the ground up. Not only from a planning and a resource allocation perspective but also because it is easy to get mired in day-to-day tactical operations and lose sight of the big picture strategy. Whether you are creating your first AppSec program or rapidly expanding and need expert program management to move security left in your software development lifecycle, professional services can keep you in the driver’s seat.

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