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Building Cyber-Resilience through Application Security for a World’s Largest Fast Food Chain

shweta2020 saw most businesses hastily pivot to digital business models which makes almost every industry more vulnerable to cyberattacks than ever. As we cautiously walk through the hallway of 2021, it’s encouraging to see organizations step-up to a vigilance-based mindset and making cybersecurity a priority for this year.

Digital transformation that accelerated due to the pandemic is here to stay as all businesses expand their use of online platforms and mobile apps. What’s required is a proactive approach towards risk mitigation with the goal to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in our software and devices.

This article celebrates the successful outcomes of our application security solution by one of the world’s largest fast-food chain. By using DAST and SAST in combination, this organizations’ development and security teams have drastically reduced application-specific vulnerabilities.

The most beneficial features of our solution are these attributes for which WhiteHat has been consistently recognized (as was also evident from the previous financial services case study) :

  • Quality of findings
  • Developer friendly platform
  • Excellent support

“In around 6 months of WhiteHat onboarding, we were able to reduce our vulnerabilities with SAST by around 90%. With DAST, in the same amount of time, our vulnerabilities reduced by 80%”


By adopting security testing throughout the software development lifecycle, this organization has been able to address application security issues with less resources.

Challenges & Business Needs

The organization already had an application security program in place, but the solution was unable to provide reliable vulnerability detection and remediation, and unable to scale to cover all of their business needs. The existing scanning tools produced an extremely high rate of false positives leading to frustration amongst the security and development teams as they spent hours verifying and cross-checking the findings.

Their business needs included:

  • Ensure stronger application security for all of the consumer facing applications
  • Reduce the high volume of code vulnerabilities
  • Reduce time and resources wasted on triaging false positives
  • Improve risk profile
  • Secure code development governance

How WhiteHat AppSec Solution is Helping Developers Build Secure Software Faster

Quality of Findings

Development teams were overwhelmed balancing the workload of new feature development while reacting to the security gaps found in the features that they have already deployed. Getting time to look at and triage security findings was a challenge. The high rate of false positives was only exacerbating this challenge.

As compared to a previous AppSec solution, this fast food chain experienced state-of-the-art vulnerability scanning and access to the industry’s most expansive and comprehensive vulnerability knowledge base. Accurate verification and remediation guidance by our experienced security engineers provided them the assurance of prioritized, actionable results with near zero false positives giving them complete confidence with the results.

“Some of the findings were indeed eye-openers for us. We now have the peace of mind knowing that our software is thoroughly vetted for vulnerabilities. WhiteHat’s extremely low rate of false positives and verified vulnerabilities support is providing good quality results that we can rely on ”
-Application Security Lead

Developer Friendly Platform

By using DAST and SAST in combination, development and security teams have gained a better foothold in tackling the growing set of vulnerabilities. Sentinel Dynamic has enabled teams to view vulnerabilities in a larger, more accurate context by assessing an application in pre-production and production environment. Easy integration with existing work environments and quick access to remediation advice via the ask-a-question feature from the Sentinel dashboard are hugely appreciated.

Developers are using our APIs and Developer Portal to easily pull data from the WhiteHat platform to integrate with their own systems, kick-off internal workflows, or fully orchestrate the WhiteHat platform as a headless testing engine.

“We have hundreds of developers using WhiteHat Sentinel on a daily basis. We now have greater visibility into the security flaws in code. Our developers are now confident that they can deliver secure code”

Excellence in Support

This organization has been able to scale their application security program to meet their needs bolstered by support from the WhiteHat Professional Services subject matter experts who work collaboratively with their in-house team.


Web and API based attacks are not slowing down and are becoming increasingly more complex. Not having an AppSec program in place is inherently putting your business at risk. We are proud to partner with this organization to provide web security at a scale and accuracy unmatched in the industry.

Download the case study to learn how this organization:

  • Reduced source code vulnerabilities by 90% using SAST
  • Reduced web application vulnerabilities by 80% using DAST
  • Reduced time and resources wasted on triaging false positives
  • Ensured stronger application security for enterprise and consumer facing applications
  • Scaled application security program without adding more resources