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Beyond Solving the Problem: The WhiteHat Security Customer Service Experience

“The customer is always right,” is the go-to customer service phrase originally coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge in London in the early 20th century. Since then, organizations across the globe in all industries have adopted a customer service mindset. However, the true customer service experience goes a lot further than what Selfridge proclaimed over one hundred years ago.

We recognize that every client is different, and even within the organization itself there can be varying security postures depending on the specific application in question. Some of our customers face managing multiple development teams across the country, with 20 different websites or even 200 different applications.

It can be difficult to handle unexpected issues that you might encounter, which is why WhiteHat Security works to help customers with their specific problem, and find the right solution that fits their specific needs. From the moment one of our customers indicates there is a problem, our customer service team is all hands on deck. Here is how we solve customer issues, and empower customers with knowledge for any future dilemmas.

Solving the Issues

Whether the problem is from a new customer who has issues utilizing our software or from a seasoned professional who noticed something off, from the moment our team receives a ticket with an issue, we treat each problem with care. Rather than simply fixing any concerns and alerting the customer when it is fixed, we walk with our customers and talk them through what is happening.

The first step in solving any issue always begins with the WhiteHat representative explaining exactly what is happening and decoding any terms they may be unfamiliar with. After all, teams throughout the application security space and the experts at the WhiteHat Security Threat Research Center  utilize a number of different keywords that can be extremely confusing. In order to solve a problem, it is important for all parties to have a complete understanding of what they are facing.

Once the problem is fully identified and understood by both parties, our team covers any issue adequately and ensures there is a peaceful resolution to the problem as quickly as possible. During this process, we also walk our customers through what we are doing so they understand what is going on and can have peace of mind. After the issue is resolved, our team explains how companies can avoid this from happening again.

Empowering Our Customers

 Rather than simply having our customers ask us, “I need this done, could you please do this for me?” we want them to empower customers to have the tools to overcome vulnerabilities and become knowledgeable about the space. Our end goal is to change their perspective and to have application security become second nature.

In order to do this, the members of our team ensure that our customers are armed with the knowledge they need on the application security space. Aside from simply outlining the terms they need to understand the problem at hand, we also explain terms from the application security space and go step by step in how we are solving their issue. We also make sure they understand some of today’s most common vulnerabilities and the steps they can take to overcome them.

 Application security education should be on everyone’s minds, even those not directly working within development. After all, we all touch applications every single day and it’s important to be familiar with the latest in the growing cyber threat landscape and how to protect yourselves. By continuing to be informed, our customers help us help them better and help build a superior customer service experience for themselves and all of our clients.


Francisco Cardenas has served as a DAST technical support engineer at WhiteHat Security for over two years. In his role, Francisco handles incoming support cases and provides vulnerability assessment and remediation guidance, while collaborating with the Threat Research Center.