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AppSec Stats Flash Vol 9: Education Sector Spotlight

How Digitally Safe is Back to School?

The pandemic forced many industries to accelerate their adoption of technology in order to keep businesses running – education is no exception. This rapid adoption of technology in the education sector brought the security of applications to many parents’ minds. So, over a year later, how digitally safe is this year’s back to school?

This month, the NTT Application Security research team focused on cyberthreats targeting education applications as security concerns in this sector continue to grow with the school year starting. What the team found was that it is taking longer to fix high severity vulnerabilities than most other industries (206 days vs 201 days). Some additional security statistics from this month’s report:

  • Only 46% of critical vulnerabilities are ever fixed.
  • 53% of applications in the education sector have at least one critical vulnerability.
  • 34% of critical vulnerabilities are addressed within one month.

“The application security statistics for the education sector indicate a hyper-focus among organizations in this sector on a handful of critical web applications and fixing a handful of critical vulnerabilities in those applications.” – Setu Kulkarni, VP of Strategy, NTT Application Security

Each month, the AppSec Stats Flash reflects on the evolving threat landscape, tracks key AppSec metrics on an ongoing basis and brings forward key actionable takeaways for security and development teams who are responsible for the applications that run their business.

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