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AppSec Problems vs. Optimal Solutions

Recently, there has been a constant upward trajectory in spending on IT security, and there are no signs of that trend abating. Gartner projects worldwide IT spending to total $3.79 trillion in 2019, an increase of 1.1 percent from 2018. Organizations of all sizes are beginning to face the reality that application security has become a massive concern, because the consequences of a security failure have drastic implications to companies and its customers.

Security issues found late in the process or after release have substantial negative downstream impact and put customers at risk. They bring a cost of damage to your brand, shareholder value, customers’ confidence and even legal costs. A public company that suffers from a major breach that attracts headlines can even see themselves fall victim to shaving billions of dollars in market capitalization.

Applications are the lifeblood of our businesses, and making sure they are secure is imperative. So what are some of the biggest problems currently in application security, and how can you go about fixing them?


There are a multitude of problems that organizations typically face in security, and they are prevalent. People, budget and time are inefficiently allocated against today’s security risks, and security teams can be seen as an impediment to many developer’s productivity and managing of their release schedules.

Software risk remains unmanaged, and untested apps frequently go live, compounding security‐related technical debt. Typically, an easy to implement, short-run fix is used instead of applying the best overall solution to combat the problem.

Delayed app releases also frequently occur due to a late discovery of security flaws. Or even worse, apps are released with known risks. Even deploying apps with detected vulnerabilities can be a reality because they were discovered much too late in the software lifecycle process to remediate.

Optimal Solutions

The main step to providing a safe digital life for applications lies in providing software security as an integrated and automated part of the software lifecycle (SLC). By providing continuous application security with always-on assessments, it allows the ability to find flaws and fix them earlier in the SDLC across the portfolio of applications, the more it will save time, money and resources.

Development should also own assessment and remediation processes, while software risk and technical debt needs to be understood and managed. To provide the optimal solution, security training updates must be frequent, and security needs to be integrated into the development process from the beginning. Comprehensive understanding of all software applications, including web and mobile, and associated risks.

Cost plays a significant role in why application security faces most of its problems. But an optimal application security solution is able to balance the time between go to market and software security, all while remaining cost effective. This approach doesn’t pertain to only one size organization, but application security solutions need to effectively scale software security with the growth of the business.

Finding the Optimal Solution with WhiteHat Security

The WhiteHat Application Security Platform provides all of the services required to secure the entire software development lifecycle. From solutions for the security team, to fast and accurate products for developers in DevOps environments, we help organizations enjoy all of the benefits of digital transformation without the security headaches. Our platform bridges the gap between security and DevOps to ensure you can find and fix vulnerabilities before the “bad guys” can exploit them.

We deliver security throughout the whole software development lifecycle with our Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Mobile Application Security Testing and eLearning.

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