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An Update to WhiteHat’s Valued Customers and Partners

As your trusted partner in application security, we are committed to delivering the experience you know and trust in an environment that promotes and protects the well-being of all, across all offices, customers and partners.

As companies and countries review, and in many cases, extend physical travel bans, in-person meeting restrictions and social distancing policies, greater importance is being placed on companies’ e-commerce businesses and the applications behind them. Therefore, we understand that application security has also become increasingly critical at this time to allow you to keep your digital doors open. WhiteHat stays committed to helping you in this effort.

We have moved to a full remote model

The safety of our team is of utmost importance.  During this unprecedented time, we have implemented our business continuity plans and moved to a completely remote workforce.  Over the past few years, WhiteHat has begun adopting a mobile-centric workforce and has had the tools, policies and processes in place to quickly facilitate a seamless, secure move to remote working throughout the past two months.

The Sentinel Platform is always available

Since 2001, we have prided ourselves on providing best-in-class Application Security Testing-as-a-Service. This means that our services are always available on demand to our customers and partners via our cloud-based platform.

Our team is here for you

Organizations across numerous markets including financial services, healthcare and e-commerce are quickly working to move their services, applications and team members to a productive and safe remote-first model. This is a challenging time, and the security of these mission-critical and business-critical applications is more important than ever.  Our Service Delivery & Operations teams continue to stand by to support our customers at [email protected].

Partnership above profit

Every organization is facing incredibly challenging decisions.  From business continuity to protecting employees, this is a time for the security community to band together to help their customers, partners and one another.  Effective 4/15, WhiteHat Security has been committed to:

  • Suspending all annual price increases for our customers
  • Offering additional flexibility via delayed and extended payment terms
  • Continued free services to public agencies — and opening up free services to all public and private K-24 organizations moving their education services to remote learning
  • Reduced-cost bundles and packages that allow for rapid deployment across the application portfolio

Together, we will get through these challenging and unprecedented times.  As you continue to focus on protecting your employees and your business, we stand ready to help you secure the applications that, now more than ever, run your business.

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