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Adding Open Source Framework Hardening to Your SDLC – Podcast

I talk with G.S. McNamara, Federal Information Security Senior Consultant, about fixing open source framework vulnerabilities, what to consider when pushing open source, how to implement a system around patches without impacting performance, and security considerations on framework selections.

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  • http://hype-free.blogspot.com Cd-MaN

    Hey guys, interesting podcast! Hope that there will be more of these!

    A couple of recommendations to improve the quality of the recordings:

    – use a dedicated microphone – (almost) anything is better than the built-in mic of the laptops (or phones)

    – record the audio on both ends and mix it together at the end rather than recording a pre-mixed version trough skype

    – use a little noise removal and dynamic range compression + normalization to get the volume up

    Happy to chat with you guys if you would like more detailed advice. Also, check out auphonic.com (no relation to them, just a happy user): it “magically” improves the quality of your recordings 🙂 (though good quality input and some pre-processing still helps a lot).

    • http://hype-free.blogspot.com Cd-MaN

      Forgot to add: please also add a download link 🙂

      I prefer to listen to my podcasts on the go (and while I could dig into the page source to find the link, I’m lazy :-))

      • Maurina Venturelli

        Hi Cd-MaN-

        Thank you for the tips!

        Social Media Manager, WhiteHat Security

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  • http://www.pereless.net/ John Pereless

    Read this thread and have got further ideas on how to make a product more robust by using open source built in tools and frameworks. The legacy on Unix/Linux makes us happy when we do in LAMP 🙂 Thanks for the great post!