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Automated, Simplified Visibility Across Your Organization

You can’t secure what you don’t know you own.

NTT | Application Security’s Attack Surface Management delivers a fast, simple, and automated way for organizations to create a comprehensive inventory of their complete attack surface.

NTT Application Security’s Attack Surface Management - Complete Attack-Surface Visibility

Complete Attack-Surface Visibility

Know what assets you own no matter where they reside - on-prem or in the cloud

NTT Application Security’s Attack Surface Management -  reduce risk

Reduce Risk

Identify and prioritizing at-risk assets before threat actors have an opportunity to exploit them

Attack Surface Management - holistic appsec solution

Part of a Holistic AppSec Solution

Discover, learn, and secure your attack surface faster with custom API integrations

Attack Surface Management - simplify security

Simplify Security

Intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards reduce manual processes and improve efficiencies

A Smarter Way to Discover and Secure your Global Attack Surface

Together with NTT Application Security’s Sentinel platform, organizations are empowered with unparalleled visibility and control of their web facing assets.

Attack Surface Management

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